Transfer or copy file from local machine to IFS (Integrated file server) AS400

To copy a save file or file having any extension from local machine to IFS folder of AS400 system using the command line, Follow below steps

Taking a sample case in which we will copy or transfer a save file named “smtsavf.savf” from local PC to IFS folder of AS400, currently, it is kept under the path “D:\ABOUT400” on my local machine. We will create a new directory named as “ABOUT400” in IFS folder of AS400 and transfer “smtsavf.savf” to “ABOUT400” IFS folder.

Open the command prompt on the windows machine using CMD or selecting via windows menu

Please change the local directory to the folder where you have kept your file or save the file on the windows machine, as per sample case above my save file “smtsavf.savf” is kept under folder D:\ABOUT400, using below commands change the local directory:

We can check the transferred file from local machine to IFS using below AS400 command from the command line

Below screen will get open to check it in AS400 system

Use 5 option to display uploaded “smtsavf.savf” file in the AS400 system.

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